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What are Sweet Ninja Moves?

We would tell you but then we’d have to kill you.  No, but seriously…

Sweet Ninja Moves is an adventure blog chronicling the very sweet adventures, (and often sweet misadventures) of our Head Ninja hosts Diallo Jackson and Lisa de la Vega.

Traveling the world they tackle their own personal bucket lists, partake in random extreme challenges while also getting to know the real culture of local communities and the people that live there.

From competing in Ironman triathlons, to training with Kung Fu masters in Hong Kong, to surfing off the coast of Chile, to diving shipwrecks of the shark infested waters of the Florida Coast, to the singing of Purple Rain in front of a crowd of thousands (seriously that’s on Diallo’s bucket list,) Lisa and Diallo hope to inspire others to realize that living life to the fullest is the ultimate goal.

The rest of your life will take care of itself.


Our Sweet Adventure Ninjas

sweet-ninja-moves-lisa-de-la-vega-bio Lisa de la Vega

“Basically I’m just magically delicious.”

Lisa describes herself as an enchanted lifestyle facilitator. That lifestyle just so happens to be living life to the fullest and experiencing fabulous fun and adventure wherever it comes calling.  Never once content following a boring path and living an ordinary life, she is an and accomplished citizen of the planet including being an IronMan, marathoner. world traveler, foodie, goofball, daughter, sister, friend, humanitarian and of course, an adventurer.  She can often be found laughing in the face of danger as she jumps into it.  Danger usually bowls over in a hysterical fit of laughter right back.  She’s that infectious.

sweet-ninja-moves-diallo-jackson-bioDiallo Jackson

“I’m committed to having absolutely no regrets.”

Realizing that he no longer was willing to let the practical “supposed to’s” of life supersede his innate, slightly daredevil penchant for the ill-advised jumping off of things, Diallo’s unquenchable curiosity to see and experience the world is his impetus for creating Sweet Ninja Moves.  Having competed in a number of endurance sports, he hopes to push the limits of what the ordinary person  believes is possible while inspiring them to take on and embrace a life of passion, energy, adventure and fun.

Sweet Ninja Challenge

Sweet Ninja Moves is currently scouting locations and challenges around the world to film for our upcoming adventures.  Lisa and Diallo are looking for out of the way and adventurous sports, events, and dares to bring to you, to inspire the common person that they too can live an extraordinary life if they choose.

If you have any ideas for challenges they can participate in, please contact us and let us know.  We’d love to hear from you!


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